[$300] Map Builders Needed!

Abstract Shark games is looking for map builders for our latest project, Knife Capsules. We pay $300 USD per map that we accept. If you’re going to make a map, PM me and I’ll invite you to a discord server where you can share screenshots / progress easily with us and get quick feedback!


  1. Map Design: A map should be suitable in terms of size & layout to be fun to play on! We recommend open areas with plenty of cover. You should definitely play a few rounds of the game before even attempting to design a map. Should fit 12 players.

  2. Map performance: Maps that are overflowing with unique Unions/MeshParts will be rejected. Multiple copies of the same mesh are fine (such as rocks, props, etc). The CollisionFidelity property of MeshParts must be set to ‘Box’ for small objects, and ‘Hull’ for larger ones (such as rocks). Essentially, the map should be playable. Not an HD masterpiece that won’t run on phones.

  3. Smooth Terrain: Smooth terrain is allowed to compliment your map. We aren’t huge fans of maps that are almost entirely smooth terrain so we recommend using it sparingly and avoiding it unless you need it.

For examples of existing maps, please play the game. The more important factor in a map is playability rather than theme! Open areas with plenty of cover work best. The theme of the map is up to you!


Are shaders allowed?

You have total control over lighting, post effects, and water properties.


PM’d you the info! I avoid posting non-expiring discord invites on forum posts :stuck_out_tongue:

How soon do you need it built?

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Would robux payment be a possible alternative?

Robux payment is available. We’ll pay the equivalent according to the devex rate.

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