[3,000R$] Need Korean speaker for game questions

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This work concerns the quiz game Clueless. The questions created will be added to the game as ‘Custom Questions’, meaning that they are essentially player submitted questions. You will have the option of adding them directly to the game yourself, or supplying a spreadsheet with them on.


I need 10 questions written in Korran in either spreadsheet form, or submitted into the game itself (submitting questions directly costs robux, which I will of course supply). For this you will be paid R$3,000: R$300 or $1.07 at devex rates per question. These questions can be about anything you would like, however, I expect good quality language and themes that would be understandable to native speakers. The purpose of these questions is to give native speakers questions written by players to answer before questions are organically created by players of the game.

Payment is in Robux, devex value is shown for convenience.

Time limitations

I need these questions as soon as possible. Ideally by 25th February 2019, however if needed I can stretch this to the 26th of February.


Please DM me on the devforums, quoting this post, or message me on discord SteadyOn#0001

Please provide:

Your experience with Korean,
When you can get them done by,
Whether you would like to submit in-game or in spreadsheet form

If the above are not provided you may not be considered.

Thanks for reading, be sure to leave any questions in the replies.

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