[300k+ R$ Budget!] Hiring Devs For Rogue Type Game!

Hiring Devs For Rogue Type Game!

About Me

Hi there! I am a lone developer looking for a skilled dev team for my new project!
It is a rogue type game based in a medieval fantasy world (similar to rogue lineage).

I need an advanced movement system, a combat system, meshes,
clothing, decals, and much more. [P.S I am using a custom rig for this game]

The Team
@you? - Scripter [I am willing to hire more than one as long as they can do the job]
@you? - Decal Artist [Clothing, Faces, etc]
@you? - Builder
@you? - Animator
@you? - VFX Maker [Effects for combat, magic, etc]
I am adding more roles as we need them.

Our Goal

We are looking to finish a playable demo of the game by the end of the month with
a finished combat and movement system with some buildings/terrain to demonstrate those features
and gameplay.
A basic objective with at least one NPC and PVP/PVE to show combat gameplay.
And one single bossfight [maybe].


I am paying through R$ only, per job for short-term and long-term developers however
long-term developers will also get a percentage payout for everything the game makes after release.
The amount will be negotiated privately.

Contact Us

If you are interested please send me a message via Discord

Thanks for taking the time to consider! :slight_smile:


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