300K R$ Hiring map maker (modeling is necessary)

Skill set

Smooth terrain&blender/other external 3d modeling software
UV mapping and texturing is not necessary


I want the map to be quite exotic and bright in colors such as

these from no mans sky

Players should not be able to fall off the map, you can do mountains/something else if you have a creative idea
The map will house 8 bases 150x150 studs in size which players can build on with machines such as these (I will show you the current game progress privately)

(someone else is making machines, you will only need to make the map)

The game has PvP and Zombies too so the map should be semi big (but not ridiculously big)-I think 1500x1500 might be a good size, but we can change this if you want

I want you to use Roblox smooth terrain
I think either a desert map like this or a greener terrain is desirable (pretty bright in either case)

The map style should overall be heavily natural because I think it would be cool if it contrasted the semi-high tech machines and weapons

Here are some example of flora that could be cool


To clarify, you will need to model trees and other props (such as crates perhaps)

Here is the full game idea if you are interested


I can pay in Robux/USD/any other currency as long as transaction fees are accounted for on your end
I want to split the payment in two chunks:

  1. Initial 150K is given as soon as you finish the map
  2. You will get 50% of the game revenue until you make the second 150K


Communication is kind of important for this project
I think it would be best if we first talk about the map layout, then you make a (very basic) outline/sketch of how you specifically envision it, and then you move on to model the props&sculpt the map

If you think you might be interested, please add me on discord Acreol#0001
My feelings will be hurt if you add me before reading the entire post ):

Thanks for reading


i am finding interest in this. sent you a friend request on discord.

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This Project will be very good for those Struggling Terrain developers out there! It gives a good head start.

I’m interested in building the map, looks really fun and terrain building is something I feel like I’m good at!
(Forgot to mention, I have no experience with blender or any of the sort, I completely understand if I don’t get the part, I didn’t notice that you also requested that.)

Sent a friend request, SubEXE#5585

I’m looking for an experienced terrain sculptor and 3d modeler, why do you say this is good for beginners? Should I increase the payment, or what should I change?

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I am interested.

I think he found one.

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