[300k+] Vikinglaw's West Coast project needs builders!


Hello! I’m marfit and I’m the programmer for an upcoming FPS shooter game made by Vikinglaw and his Soviet Union group. We are in need of a builder that can meet our expectations and finish tasks assigned swiftly. You will be working alongside Vikinglaw to build and design terrain, alongside any other potential hires we have. We have 1-2 spots open right now.


We will be paying around 300,000 Robux.


One must:
• Shows dedication and skill into the practice of building.
• Provides photo examples of work they’ve done.
• Be willing to work in a small team/alone.

It is very helpful for you to have:
• Experience in terrain design.
• Skill in keeping builds optimized and easy to run.
• References that we can contact.
• European or American timezones.
• An open and flexible schedule.


Contact me at marf#8994, or on the DevForum.

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