[30K - 40K+] ENLITE Resort (3K+) is looking for a Programmer/Scripter

About The Group:

ENLITE Hotels & Resorts is a dedicated hotel group with 3K+ lovely members! We strive to turn any luxury stay into a dream come true. We do this by creating revolutionary and innovative technology, to make the customers experience more immersive and memorable. Enjoy our beautifully designed hotel, with every single aspect and detail in mind, just for your comfort.

We are currently looking for a high skilled Programmer who can develop for us and is willing to be commissioned short term to create a Placement System.

The Current Team:

@Z4CK6RY - Founder & Owner
@cantzach - Co Founder & Project Overseer
@mvvrgan - Lead Programmer
@Mr_ProsperRBX - Lead Architect
@YourSyphenDev - Modeler
@YOU - Programmer

Job Description:

We are looking for a highly skilled and experienced Programmer with well over 2 years of experience that is willing to be commissioned short-term.

We expect high-quality work that match to our game’s style and descriptions given out to you. Development progress will be checked daily.

You will be part of the same group chat and Studio group to keep communication simple and straight forward.

You will be developing a Placement System such as Welcome to Bloxburg has. This feature will be FREE within our game that is planning to release within April. You must have knowledge within programming placement systems.


You will receive 30,000-40,000 Robux for the whole system scripted. The User Interface will be designed for you, you are not required to do that task, but you will be required to program it’s functionality etc…


Please contact @Z4CK6RY on DevForum or contact myself via DISCORD direct messages zack;#0001

Goodluck :smiley_cat:

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