3/3 Unlocked Studios All Alpha Testers Found

Unlocked Studios Alpha Testers

About Us

We are Unlocked Studios, a development team focused on creating multiple different genres of games for all audiences. (We Are New To Developing A Game)


We are looking for alpha testers for our new upcoming game “Frontlines”. It’s been two months since we started making the game and since it will be in a playable state in July we are looking for Alpha testers to give us honest feedback on our game.


It will be only the map and 1 gun in the alpha test. Although we will be adding to the game such as rounds and different roles and so much more. The game is gonna be an fps d day type shooter. We Already Have 3 Testers We Need 3 More.

Images Of The Game So Far

Weapons So Far

Stances.wmv (888.3 KB) Reloading.wmv (1.9 MB) Aim And Firing.wmv (2.0 MB) Take Out Gun.wmv (1.1 MB)


Since it is just alpha testing I will only be paying 10 :robux:

Contact Us

If You Want To Apply, You Can Contact Me On The Dev Forum.


Could you clarify what your current title means? @CommandoX9

I could help, send me the group link and the game

I would also be willing to help.

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