[$350] United States Navy is hiring a gun scripter

About us

[USN] United States Navy is the largest Navy group on Roblox. We have been in the Roblox military community for almost ten years and we strive to provide players a healthy and exhilarating environment and state of the art technology to participate in our community. With 65k group members, we have a large following eager to test out our newest technology: technology that can potentially be built by you.

The Team
@blubberpug - Owner / Environment Artist
@wattleman - Owner / Scripter / UI Designer
@SnowieApples - Lead Developer / Environment Artist

Our group: Unіted Statеs Navy - Roblox
Our main game: [UPDATE!] Naval Academy - Roblox

About the job

We are hiring an advanced scripter who can code a custom gun system. You must have an extensive portfolio and must be able to demonstrate impeccable scripting abilities. We will provide all gun models and animations.

Gun Types

  • Automatic
  • Semi-automatic
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper rifle
    • Scope


  • Crouch
  • Sprint
  • Patrol/lower
  • Aim
  • Reload
  • Hold
  • Shoot


  • Viewportmodel
  • Animations
  • Miscellaneous Gun Info
    • Particles and other visual effects
    • Ammo
    • HUD, cross-heir
  • Server Aspects
    • Hit detection
    • Various checks to mitigate exploits


  • Default FPS but with the option to switch to TPS
  • Ability to attach attachments (e.g., sights, silencers)

Example of a gun system we like:


We prefer payment to be made using USD. We do not mind the payment platform. We do not want to exceed 350 USD, but we are open to negotiations.

Contact info

You may contact us either on devforum or Discord. If you want to friend us on discord, send us a dm on the dev forum.
@blubberpug - blubberpug#8760
@wattleman - Austin Sharp#6025
@SnowieApples - Snowie#2955


I can make a very similar system like the game you mentioned, added all of you, my hash and tag : Eric_Homemade#1243.

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