[350 USD / R$ 100K] Experienced SCP Builder WANTED! [CLOSED]

SCP Foundation
Builder Wanted!

About Me

Hello, I am the owner of an SCP Foundation with currently over 13,000 members. We are currently working on a new SCP game which will be very unique.

The Team

@DecentStorm - Lead Scripter, Project Head
@So1otov - Mesher, Project Lead

About the Job

We’re currently looking for a really experienced builder with previous realistic builds. We are not looking for comic-styled builders. All shown builds must be unique!
This commissions will include building an entire unique SCP Facility with blueprints!


[+] Must be at least 13 years old.
[+] Must use discord on a regular basis.
[+] Must put at least 5 hours of work each day!
[+] The content you produce for me should never be given to anyone else.
[+] Payment can be only given after the commission. We are not paying-per-asset.
[+] The payment may increase or decrease depending on; Your dedication. Activity, Quality of end-product.


We are able to pay up to 100,000 ROBUX or 350 USD via PayPal.


You may contact me via Discord if you seem to be interested, it’s more likely for me to respond from there.


I've added you on Discord.

Accepted your friend request.
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I don’t quite understand what you mean by what you’re looking for “can change at any time”. Personally, I make sure that when I am doing commissions the client always has reference material or I will never know what the client is looking for and therefore the quality of the job may be sacrificed.

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No basically, I obviously will give reference images to the builder I will commission. I get people DMing me what kind of building I’m looking for even though I list the style here.

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