[$350 USD/MONTH NEGOTIABLE ] Looking for an experienced scripter for One Piece Redemption

About Us

Hello! One Piece Redemption is an MMORPG based on the popular anime, one piece. we have been working on this game for almost 3 years now. We have a ton of content made for the game but, sadly we do not have enough scripters to keep up with content creation. That’s where you would come in.

## About The Job
We are looking for an experienced scripter, who has a love for one piece and can script using FE. Your main job would be scripting Attack Based skills (Assets and premade reference material Provided), and small additional systems.

Expectations: Complete 1 or 2 requests per week. Thats it!
Not to mention if you are willing to do more, your pay will be raised accordingly with the max being $750USD /Month based on difficulty and Quality.

Click these links, to learn more about the game:


One Piece Redemption[Beta Test Prep]

Discord - https://discord.gg/fQSaDbB

Videos - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=One+Piece+Redemption

Sneak Peeks -

Contact Us:

https://twitter.com/MindguyRBLX or [Discord] Mindguy#1686

https://twitter.com/PsychonautRBLX or [Discord] KyleX#4765

Please be ready to provide examples of prior related work upon contact


I sent a friend request to on discord. The name is BK


Thank you for applying, we will contact you shortly if we haven’t already!


“Post has been updated to better reflect expectations and pay.”


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