[$350.00 USD][OPEN] Scripters needed for MMORPG project

Seeking proficiently skilled programming services for a project titled "Creation Song"

This game heavily relies on optimization due to the size and scale of this open-world game.
Creation Song is a Permanent Death MMORPG community game.

We’re in need of programmer(s) who are experienced in any of the following fields:

  • Administration Systems
    UI, Discord webhooks, event systems, dynamic control systems
  • Creature/mob systems
    Scalable/dynamic designs are planned and are oriented around lag efficiency
  • Back-end/Data systems
    Inventory systems to crafting & storage, persistent saving, etc.
  • Bug/fixing, refactoring, finishing incomplete code
    Incomplete/old systems related to topics above

I am enlisting freelancers as well as seeking any interested committed developers.

Payment is negotiable and depends on what/how much you can offer/do, we are willing to pay up to $350.00 USD via PayPal for your services.

Feel free to contact me @ janboe#3815 on Discord for more information or specific inquiry offers.


(Budget has been updated slightly)

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