[350R now]Development Team Recruitment(Project Sanctum)


Hello, I am roseblade578, founder of a development group called Caramell Studios, and I am a college student working on a Arena/Boss Style Instance based mmorpg called Project Sanctum. Set in a
medieval/fantasy style world. The game will have mechanics related to the story as
well. The story revolves mostly around a great war between light and darkness and about which
is better between the two(Not every single detail is worked out yet but I have the concept)

Players will be able to battle each other in one on one matches. For the pve part of it players will
be able to go alone or in groups of 4 to defeat the boss monsters of the realms.

I currently have a trello to keep track of what I am working on and I have a discord server,
Twitter, and YouTube where I will be posting updates for the game.

This is the first game that I have ever worked on but I am really confident about it. Although I
have been only working on lua scripting for almost 3 months. I am confident that I will be able to
bring my skills to the table and I am willing to learn. I am willing to be in this for the long haul.


Currently it’s just me. I can do the Building, the UI making, and some of the lower level scripts(scripting U.I’s and NPC’s chat and shops).

I need a more experienced scripter(1-2 years experience) to help me with the more complex things that need scripting(Inventories, Boss fights, etc). (I would need an animator as well but at this point in time for me a scripter would be the most important thing)

Unfortunately, I cant offer you a payment percentage right now but I could offer you a down payment of 1k Robux for the scripter.

Currently what I have planned to be released in Pre-Alpha

A working shop with at least 2 items
Item equip slots
Idle and weapon animations
The first realm done
The first class done
Point upgrades
(If you want more info on alpha and beta items I could explain that too)

Discord: Cara#8127
Twitter: @ran436(Caramell Studios)
Group Link : Caramell Studios - Roblox

If there is anything you want me to go more in depth on please, do ask!

(I have heard about trying to get an investor, but I’m pretty sure they would not want to invest in someone with no team and is a basically a complete beginner)

EDIT: Sorry! I forgot to show my pictures of the current village I am working on. The first of the 6 realms I am wanting to complete.

Here is a video of what the current progress is like(I am eventually going to add a loading screen for all the villages in the game):


Completely right on the investment part, do you have any content to the game yet or perhaps a portfolio showing what you bring to the table, I think a lot more people would be convinced by that then just the concept?


OH RIGHT YES! I forgot about my pictures and my video. Sorry about that!

Updated the Post to include pictures and a video of the current state of the game.

Imo you should try to hire a Builder to help out as well so you can focus on other things as well.
From what I see you’d like a Scripter and just you?
If not, do you have anyone else assisting you?

Correct me if I’m wrong.

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I would totally like to hire someone else to build, but unfortunately I only have 1k robux at the moment and I highly doubt anybody is going to take a down payment of anything less than 1k+. So that is why I am hoping for just a scripter for now.

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