[$35K+] Optimization! Part to Mesh, Poly & Triangle Reduction

Mesh Reduction Requested!

About Us

Hello there, we are currently one of the top Attack on Titan genre’s right now, and we’re looking to expand our map and world design, but first, we need someone who can do a relatively simple task, but repetitively. I know, it sounds boring, but no worries! We will be there to assist, give you custom tools, and ways to make your life easier.

The genre, ‘Attack on Titan’ often times have the largest open universe worlds in terms of maps, it’s an ambitious project, but worry not, we will get it done, we just need your help! Our team of builders are currently on stand-by while we wait for someone like you to help us our in return for a good chunk of money!

About The Job

We are looking for someone who can take our models, with them they can import them in to blender, and either reconstruct them to make them as optimized as possible, or, alternatively, they can use addons, modifiers, etc… in order to reduce them!

What we provide you!
You will be provided a plugin (or command line, whichever you prefer) which will seperate all of the colors in a model, it will then allow you to easily union them for ease of importation in to blender! We can also provide plugins for batch imports. A house which may be 100 parts, will be reduced down to anywhere from 5-10, so you can import, and export, with absolute ease!

We aren’t however, looking for someone who will simply remove doubles, and then deciminate! We need more effort then that!

What you'll be reducing/optimizing!

We have around 15 houses/buildings right now that need to be optimized! We have seen, and are expecting a 60-75% reduction on most buildings, it’s possible! Roblox parts by default have double vertices, fixing that issue alone is a huge one!

  • We are aware often times reduction will make an object lose quality, no worries, just try your best, it’s not the end of the world if it looks a little bit worse!

  • We are expecting anywhere from 60% to 70% reduction on triangle/poly counts! It’s possible! We’ve seen it done! We’re trying to speed the process up!


We are currently paying 2,500 per asset you reduce. We will be checking each one to make sure it meets the criteria!

With that being said there are 16 models, we are looking to potentially add more, (worry not, you won’t need to deal with anymore unless you wish to!) that means you could be making up to 40,000 ROBUX! Over simple importations!

Disclaimer: we may be hiring more then one person, it really depends on how quickly people work!

Contact Us

You may contact myself at Node#0001
Thanks for your time!


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