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Commissions are currently: Retired for now.

Hello. I am a 15 year old modeler/builder, I have been developing for around 5 months. I currently am very passionate about modeling/building for people. You name it, I can make it . I currently use Blender for everything I do, as well as Roblox Studio. I am experienced with building cafe’s, terrain, lobby’s, simulator maps, and more. I can model just about anything for the right price! I have had a lot of past projects, and have worked with a lot of groups. Some big groups I have worked for are Small Productions , and No Good Developers, ect.




If you need anymore images of work, feel free to add me on discord: duh#4516 :tongue:

I am available to do work, four to six hours on the weekends. You can contact me at any time, I am able to work during the week as well, but only around two to three hours a day. My current timezone is CDT . :clock2:

Prices for models/builds mainly depends on what needs to be done. For payments, I prefer robux from group funds, or a limited item. I can take paypal/cash, just depends on the project and what I will be doing. I do take long term jobs, it just depends what is going on, and if I am busy or not. :+1:

You can contact me by my discord, or on the devforum, my messages are always open.

Discord: Acquire#4516
Thank you so much for reading! :blush:

  • Don’t add me with the attention of scamming, I will ask you for proof of you having the required amount.

  • Don’t rush me, don’t be pushy, don’t be rude, depending on what you want, I should be able to get it done within a reasonable amount of time.

  • I don’t do any free work, so don’t ask.

  • I will do 1-3 revamps on your model, depending how complex it is, after that I will have to charge an extra fee.

  • I do have the right to decline a commission, ether I am busy or I don’t see myself fit for the job. :wink:


Amazing Such A Nice Talent You Have ! Abd So underrated !


The hat he created for me was high quality and he made it quite quickly, surprisingly. I recommend this guy.


Portfolio has been updated. :wink:

My commissions are now open again. :grinning: