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About Me

Hi there! I’m Sir_Pixelated, I am a modeler.
I can make 3d model both low poly, and smooth.
I have experience of 2 years for modeling.


You can view my assets here: Sir_Pixelated's Place Number: 12 - Roblox

Here are some screenshots of my work


I will determine the price according to how well it came out,
and how big it is, but I will price them cheap.
For each asset, I would like about(if the model is small) : Low poly: 10R, Smooth: 25R
Prices are negotiable. I’ll only take robux.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or on discord

Thanks for reading! :smile:


Am not trying to attack you but for 2 years of modelling you would need to show more and better models than that. I think someone with 3 months of experience could do that or even better. Thank you!

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auch. alright, I guess I’m going to give up on modelling then,

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Am just saying as a ex modeller i dont believe that you have 2 years of experince if your only showing that.

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ok sure, whatever. I don’t really care

No need to overreact. Just put some more time and effort into your portfolio and more people will be interested in hiring you.

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