3D Handle objects have higher priority than 2D buttons

Not tool handles, but the 3D handles created through the Handles object have higher priority than GUI buttons. The default Studio resize/move handles are fine, but handles created through Instance.new(“Handles”) have a higher priority than GUI buttons. This means that if the two are in the same place and the mouse is clicked in that location, the handle will be selected and not the GUI button. An example of an occurrence of this happening:

The 2D GUI plane should have absolute priority over all 3D objects. Expected behavior would be a button being selected and not the handle.

The active property of the button is set to true.

Is the Active property of the GUIs set to [font=consolas]true[/font]?

This is indeed the key thing, whether active is true or not, the reason Gui isn’t higher priority by default is some people have transparent guis in front of the camera, like fake cursors, hit markers, etc, that all play into that

You the scripter can make your own MouseInGui function, that checks before moving the handles at all, I check if the mouse is in any gui when I coded my RTS

That’s actually from Quenty’s qCmdUtl, but if I open it up the active property of that button is actually set to true. Made sure to edit that into the OP.

Thanks – it’s not too much of a bother, but it’s unexpected behavior, so it’s probably better off in ROBLOX’s bug bin.

Still an issue.