3d model - number of triangles exceeds the limit

Hello! I am trying to import a custom avatar and the following message appears:

How can I reduce the number of triangles or what can I do?

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You can add a decimate modifier to reduce the tris, you can also go into edit mode, press A, then x and choose Limited Dissolve

how could i do that? :scream: :frowning:

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Oh sorry I never asked, are you using blender?

yes i am using blender, i go edit mode / pressed A then X and there is not “limited dissolve” :frowning:

what version are you using? :scream:

Is there not this? Blender 25_01_2021 00_28_31

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it still has many triangles … I only decrease a thousand :frowning:

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The decimate modifier will also work!