3D Modeler / Rigger needed (LowPoly, LowRes, Retro)

About Us

Hello. I own a production group and we are working on a new project. We need a 3D artist who has experience in creating and rigging avatars.

About The Job

The style of the game is retro / lowpoly / lowres / 1990s aesthetic.
We want to implement skinned meshes into our game so we need someone who has experience with skeletal rigging.
The character will intentionally look low effort with low resolution textures.






More details discussed privately.

We need the model finished within a week from now.


Payment can be negotiated privately.
Payment can be completed via R$ or USD.

Contact Us

You can contact myself here on Devforum or on Discord at dv3v@2605 if interested. Contact on Discord for swiftest reply.

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