3d modeling plugin for Roblox Studio?

Hi. I am wondering if anyone knows a plugin which can act as a 3D modeler inside Roblox Studio. I know blender exists but I am wondering if there are easier ways to get modeling done since I do not need all the complex features of blender. Thanks


I don’t believe there’s any one plugin that can act as a 3D modeler. If you plan to model primarily in Roblox Studio, it’s mainly just about using the built-in tools of Studio, and then using plugins to help you do something that would be otherwise tedious to do. Plugins such as Archimedes or CSG Curve Cutter are good examples of this.


I don’t believe such a plugin exists as it would be very complex to make and it would almost be like programming a lower-grade version of Blender which even that would take a long time and might not even be possible with the tools we have at the moment. However, you can model stuff in ROBLOX Studio with the shapes you’re provided with like parts, spheres, cylinders, wedges, etc. You can also find some useful stuff in the Toolbox that can help you with your building.

Here is a building kit by @maplestick that you can use!


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Ok this is really helpful. Judging by the responses I should probably just learn blender but these meshes should help a lot for some of my projects. Thank!