3D Modeller and Texture Artist COMMISSIONS ClOSED

~~About Me

Hey guys! My name is Honeydewloon and I come from Carmel, California (PST). am offering my services as a 3D Modeler. I do hard surface, organics, and I keep most of my builds in a low triangle count to keep performance optimal!
(I also bake custom maps such as normals, roughness, diffuse ETC if you are interested in that option.) I only say this because Roblox is on track to include such options on the roadmap for this year! (hopefully)

You can view some of my assets here:

I also do some low poly (cartoony, smooth shading off) work, though I tend to prefer realistic jobs. DM me if you want more information on the Showcase

I am available 24/7!

I prefer ROBUX, and a small model could range anywhere from 500-5k, while a larger model could go for 5k-20k.

~~ Contact
Discord: Nicebees22#4837
or, just respond down in the comments!


Do you do texturing separately or is it alongside the models you make?

Hey! I can’t seem to reach you on Discord, but I would like to talk about hiring you for some commissions. Please get back to me as soon as you can. :slight_smile:

I do it along side


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Hey, I’d love to, what is your discord?

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For the price your gun models are super detailed and well executed. Awesome work!


Are you able to retexture, certain hats?




Can you teach me texturing for 500 robux t shirt tax ? My twitter is : @zexeldev feel free to contact me or direct message me in dev forum.