3_r1y Architecture Portfolio

Hello, I’m 3_r1y I’m been a builder on the Roblox Platform and I’ve been on the platform since 2015 and have enjoyed every part of it.

I have worked for groups such as:

Solera [430K+ Members]

Ukipa [26K+ Members]

Rockyroad Parlor [11K+ Members]

Little Dreamies Daycare [134K+ Members]

Here are some screenshots of my work

Here is a link to my Showcase Carrée Museum: LINK

Under the age of 13

Please contact me via my twitter page located here.

13 or above

Please contact me via my Discord account: Nox#2575


Woah I love your work. Only thing to improve on are the USD - RBX rates

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Ya I know, I had to do a rough estimate since I didn’t have time to use Devex rates to convert them. They should be fixed later today.

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Update the discord name :slight_smile:

Hit me up if you can when these open again! I’d be a potential customer

Very productive builder, fair prices, and no excuses. I’d recommend his services.

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I’m interested. I’ll DM you. Good work by the way.

Charge 12 robux per basepart of each build.

so you can multiply and your final payment will be at the range of 5000 robux which is fair for the quality.

I sent you a Discord friend request!

Greetings everyone. I have commissioned So_eak and I just want to say that he is very reliable, flexible, ambitious, and his buildings are pleasing and very organized. I loved his builds so much that I didn’t even need him to change anything really. He makes sure to get things done when it needs to be done.