[40,000 R$+ 20%] Hiring scripter for an innovative obby game

The game

The game is a new, innovative obby game with aspects of a simulator. There are many popular obby games on roblox with 2k+ players. We at Mango Games believe we can do better, in a few ways:

  • The obby would be procedurally generated
  • You get stars for completing stages which can be spent on pets that do the obby with you
  • Players can teleport to their friends

These are just some of the fresh ideas we have so far. Of course we would hope to add on to this list.


We are looking for not just a skilled scripter, but one who can bring new, innovative ideas to the table. On the technical side, we are looking for skilled individuals able to do the aspects listed above. Skill in procedural generation is a plus.


The base payment for this job is 25% of revenue. However, we have found that most developers would like some insurance in case the game does not succeed, which is why we offer the 20% + 40 option as well. USD is also avaliable

You can contact me on discord, sc#7508, or directly on devforum. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


Might want to increase your payment, 15% is low for a scripter.


20% of revenue for a scripter to script a whole game? id say you should be looking at 50% or at least 40%. Furthermore:

How much are you investing into the project.

Why do you need 3 years programming experience to make an obby.


I recommend raising the price to at the very minimum of %40 or it will be hard to find such an experienced Scripter, the game can not run at all w/o scripts, especially since you’re only paying 30K R$

To add on, why is it you require 3 years of programming experience? You can easily script an Obby after 2 months of experience, or at least I’d believe so, however, you do you.

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Interested. Messaging you on discord!

This game is much more than one of the simpler obbies with just a stage system. I have added some key points to the original post.

Also, upfront has been raised to 40k and percentage raised by 5%. Current investment for this project is 100k but may be raised as needed

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Still would say you only need about 5 months experience to do those tasks. Generation is a simple algorithm, teleportation is amateur stuff a 1 month scripter could do and the same for stars. Pet system maybe 4 months.

Pay is still not high enough, view This post on scripters pay

Hey there! I’d be interested. I only have about 1 year, but I’ve looked at what you said I’d need to do and I’m 90% sure I could do all of them.

Hope I can get interviewed!


Update: Removed 3 year experience requirement

Hm… if the Obby is being procedurally generated how could you teleport to your friends? Wouldn’t you have to make the game a solo game?

25% for scripting??? That’s seem incredibly low give that the obby components will most likely be of a simple design, Also making a procedurally generated lobby would not be easy and the scripter must have advanced knowledge of CFrames. For such a project the scripter should get at least 60% as most of the work will be scripting, there is no justifiable reason for builders and UI designers to get 75% of the revenue, those persons should always be given the least.

I sent a message on discord Captain#1855

Eh I’m up for the job, but I want to hear about the idea first. It’s an obby, so it’ll need some creativity to get me to work on it. Accept my discord, and we’ll discuss some more about this.


Sent a friend request!


Sent a request on discord,


I am very interested and sent you a friend request on Discord.