[40%] Noratic is looking for a programmer! -- [CLOSED]


Hey there!

We are Noratic, a simple development group made up of some regular developers looking to create appealing and competitive games on Roblox! :partying_face:

With our developers past experiences working with large groups/games such as Shyfoox Studios and Galaxy Clicker, we believe it is time to make some dreams come true, starting with a programmer!

@Avionicly - Builder / Modeler
@You - Programmer / Scripter
@SawcyDeveloper - UI / Graphical Artist

Our work for the current project is going wonderfully! Here are some examples of things you will be working with!

Map Progress!

Here are some pictures of our current map! :building_construction:

Think you can make it to the mysterious fortress? :european_castle:

Asset Progress!

Here are a few of our swords! :crossed_swords:

Our little volcano, ready to erupt! :volcano:

And our little boat, all set to sail towards adventure! :sailboat:

Customized Pets!

The King Doggo! :dog: :crown:

The Baby Great White! :shark:

The Pink Narwhal! :whale2:

The Flaming Dragon! :dragon_face: :fire:

The Dominus Aureus! :moneybag:

Sleek UI Design!

Some of our lovely buttons! :computer_mouse:

Of course, our Pet UI! :dog: :cat:

Some wonderful fanart!

Here is some wonderful fanart made for us when we just started, such a lovely community!

Noratic is currently looking for a motivated individual to take over our programming side of projects long term! – You will be expected and encouraged to complete various systems that would lead to the games completion. (Codes, Pets, Rebirth, Upgrades, etc.)

Keep in mind, we highly value the efficiency and performance of the code in our games. – Always important to keep everything organized of course! :wink:

We also work together as a team. If any issues were to arise, all of us would come together to adapt then conquer them! Providing a calm, and reliable working enviroment for your best work! :computer:

Of course with any successful team, we want to make sure we got the best picks! - Here are some of the requirements we are looking for. :pen:

  • Strong communication with the team in English.
  • 14 years or older in age.
  • At least ~12 months of Roblox’s Lua experience.
  • Being able to use both the Developer Forum and exterior resources for help.
  • Strong familiarity with adapting and organizing scripts for different purposes.
  • Asking questions, to not be left in the dark about what you are working on.
  • Polishing your scripts, something meant for long term use, not just the raw product.

We are currently offering 40% of all earnings for working with us both frequently and effectively! – We are also open to discuss possible backup payment if anything goes south for your hard work! :money_with_wings: :muscle:

We are also on a clear road to invest well over 75,000 robux into advertising and sponsors into projects, not to mention slowly gathering the attention of some influencers!

Feel free to contact us anytime through the Developer Forum direct messaging system, or through Discord! – We are always ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have; don’t hesitate to ask us!

We also check all portfolios, feel free to drop them below for us to read! :hugs:

Discord: Avionicly#7049


Hello there,
I’m currently interested to take this job,
I already sent a FR,
My discord tag is : EsplishData#7167

Noratic has found a programmer!

Thank you to everyone who applied, it was lovely getting to meet all of you! :gift_heart:

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