400-550 USD / 114,285 Robux -157,142 Robux per map - Environmental Designer for Gameshow


When applying for this job, it is required that you provide a portfolio upon contact. I will not respond to solicitations without proper proof of work. I will also ignore applicants who do not bother to read the full post.

— Entry level requirements

• At least 1 year of experience with external 3D modeling software such as Blender, which includes previous experience with texturing.
• At least 2 years of experience building in Roblox Studio
• Good communication skills are necessary, since we’re working in a team.

— The Job:

You will be required to work within a team create session with me so I can make sure the map is up to standards, without requiring major redo’s

I need an environmental designer that’s capable of assisting me with creating accurate recreations of existing places

in a textured cartoony aesthetic with little performance impact.

The environments must be designed in a way where characters such as these do not stand out

Smooth terrain is allowed, but in a very limited fashion due to them being too realistic. Examples of smooth terrain being applied

Example of smooth terrain being applied

These maps will then be converted into locations wherein minigames can take place as part of a gameshow.

I will take care of the following: converting units to studs, measuring in studio and searching reference + source material

The applicant will do the polishing and converting the place into a gameshow set.

— Additional Details

The first place we’ll be starting with is:
Shinobazu Pond, Tokyo, Japan

Reference Picture(s):



— Payment:

• 400 / 114,285 Robux if I need to take care of the measurements
• 550 USD / 157,142 Robux if you can do the entire process on your own.

— Contact:

on discord and discord ONLY: Maxx_J#7549


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