[400k+] Lunar Mission is looking for a Lead Scripter

About Us

Hey, it’s me Raidrias, head of Bazooka Games, an upcoming development team. Our latest project, Lunar Mission is looking for a head Scripted to program the game.

Our investor plans to invest over 400k into advertisements and paying developers.

What will you be doing / What is the game about?

Mining And Shops

We need you to script a familiar system to many simulators in which players spawn with a backpack that has a certain amount of space to fill ores you mined with, they can then hold down click with their mining laser tool on an ore to mine it. When they reach max slots they can go and sell it to the refiner for in-game money.

You can use that money to buy better miners, backpacks, or guns to kill aliens.

An example can be shown here:

Aliens and Experience

Killing aliens provides XP which you can use to unlock new areas with better ores. Your XP is displayed on a gui.

Your Level and your Money amount would be displayed as a leaderstat.

Gamepasses & Developer Products

Leave room for there to be gamepasses to get things like double XP, double money, or buy more money as a developer product.

What is done so far?

Currently the map is nearly complete as well as most of the models. We feature excellent terrain work.

Meet the Team

@Raidrias - Team Lead / Game Design
@rudychudyPL - Terrain & Environment
@Desert_Commander - Props
@AlphariusAeulous - Modelling
(FOR HIRE) - Lead Scripter

You are…

…Works well with Others
…Knowledgeable about Datastore and the Roblox Platform


We offer 35-40% of the games profits, or we can pay you for a commission. This is negotiable.

Contact Us

My discord is Darth#7008, I hope to see you soon!


I would like to apply, but since my experience is almost nil on the Roblox Platform (6 months) and I don’t have any showcase, this isn’t my day.

I wish you the best of lucks!

Anyway, if you want me to give me a try or something…

Contact Via

DIscord: @allgood.#7032
Roblox: AllGoodNamesRGone243

And twiter obviously if you feel more comfortable there!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ademir_barajas

Have a good day!

You might want to change the title, as it is very misleading right now. It makes it seem as though the payment for the scripter is 400k, when this is clearly not the case.


I’ve sent a friend request on discord!

The opportunity is closed for now, as we’ve found a suitable member for our team. Thank you. If we need anymore in the future I will create a new thread.

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