[40K+ & 80K+] Optimum Entertainment is looking for Animators & Builders!

Hey! We’re Optimum Entertainment, the team behind our upcoming game PANDORA. We are looking for several new developers to fill a position in our team, specifically those who specialize in Building & Animating.

PANDORA is a game based around fighting, similiar to so-called “Anime Games”. The game will consist of hundreds of unlockable abilities and combat styles which players can use to fight against enemies, bosses & players in their very own way.

The Team

@VirtualButFake - Programmer & UI Designer

@Ahnuwbis - Modeler
@notstalka - Modeler

@Zeri_to - VFX

@LordBasw - Audio Design

About The Job

We’re looking for both an animator and a builder. View the details of these positions below.


This position requires several things:

  • Experience with whichever animation program you desire; go wild! As long as we can use it in ROBLOX, it’s fine!

  • Experience with animating R6 character rigs. You’ll be responsible for making things ranging from combat to walking cycles & idle animations. It’s therefore recommended that you have experience with i.e. combat from the past.


You’ll be paid 40.000 ROBUX upon completion of the animations that we desire. The payment is negotiable, and we can raise it if you desire so.

You’ll be making about 5 different combat sets, each consisting of:

  • LMB combo

  • RMB combo (heavy combo)

  • Walk

  • Sprint

  • Idle

  • Jump

  • Fall

  • Block

  • Block Break animation (occurs when someone’s guard is broken)

  • Guard Breaker (attack that breaks block, extremely heavy)

  • Stunned animation

  • 5 hurt animations (1 from every direction, those being up, down, left, right, front)

We’re able to pay on a per-asset basis if you prefer that over 1 big payment upon completion.


This position requires several things:

  • Experience with ROBLOX Studio or Blender, in order to allow you to make buildings.

  • The ability to optimize and organize builds you make.

  • Experience in architectural design in order to allow you to make nice-looking buildings.


You will be paid 80.000 ROBUX upon completion. This is negotiable and can be raised if you desire. You’ll be building in a sci-fi style comparable to Cyberpunk. We are able to provide you with textures by our modelers in order to enhance your builds.

We expect a city of about 1500x1500 studs, well-optimized and organized, in a sci-fi area with a lot of open space for players to engage in combat, and some buildings with interior design in order to allow i.e. quest givers to stand inside of a building instead of them all being outside. You are free to put i.e. parks in the city in order to fill up space. We already have road models built, so you are not responsible for that, but you’re free to make your own roads if you wish.

For more details you may contact us.


Discord - Virtual#0021 or stalka#0069
DevForum DMS


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