[$450 / 128K] Gamesverse Gameplay Programmer


Looking for a programmer to assist a modeller in putting together a ‘Magnet Simulator’ style game.

Lots of 3D assets have already been created, screenshots will be presented if interest is shown.

• Inventory system to track how many of each item you picked up

• Simple crafting system to convert picked up items into sellable items

• Pet purchase + management system

• Monetizations

• Basic UI design

More details are provided on inquiry.


The main requirements would be;

• Ideally, experience developing/updating prior games

• Confident with client-server communication, server validation

• Good organization + clean code (for scalability/updates)


• Base payment of $450 via Robux (128K)

• Bonus* of $49.99 via Robux (14K)

• Percentage* at 5%

(Bonus will depend on the quality of work, efficiency & initiative)

(Percentage will be determined by the game’s success dependent on revenue, NOT ASSURED)

If you’re interested contact me here ian#5797 (DM ME STRAIGHT AWAY INSTEAD OF FRIENDING)

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