[4K+ R$] Hiring First Person Rigger & Advanced Scripter

Hello, I am the Founder and Project Manager of Project Puppy. We are working on a game that we hope will provide entertainment and originality to the Roblox community, and we need one more person to top off our team!

What are we working on?

We are working on game idea that we know will bring delight to users, “The Dunes”.
The Dunes is a first person desert/wasteland RPG adventure game; you are woken up in a post-apocalyptical future and tasked with gaining knowledge and information of where you are and what happened. In the future (after our initial release of our story-survival release) we are planning on releasing a game mode separate from our story game mode, a looting-based multiplayer PVP (and we hope that you’ll be here alongside our release!)

The game is semi-open world, the closest reference we have of what the story line is like is The Last of Us 2; it is very similar in a few ways.

Our Progress



GFX Designs


Additionally, you could join our development discord server.

Our Team

@booboy18731 - Builder
@Whirlves - Builder/Terrain Designer
@YT_JKcruz - Builder

The Job

We are looking for a first person rigger that can (preferably) animate item interactions that are linked with an inventory script, e.g you equip an item and an animation of you holding the item will play, aswell as an animation of you consuming it.
For a reference, a system similar to what we want can be found in the game, “State of Anarchy”.

You are expected to be able to script the inventory UI (The UI is already made), and animate the first-person interaction animations. You will be working alongside 3 other developers, we hope that we can provide you with a lively development experience!


We will be providing you with payment per task, our preferred form of payment is Robux.
We have a budget of 4-6k R$ for our primary scripter/first person rigger, and you will be paid around 750 - 1500 per task. Payment can be negotiated and is based on factors such as effort, quality and the amount of time that you’ve put into it.


Discord - sir puppington#0829
Development Discord Server - (Invite)

Links Hub - Project Puppy (@projectpuppy) · solo.to