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Hello everyone!

Over the past few weeks, the number of visitors to my game has increased significantly. We have also received more dislikes than usual and we don’t know why people don’t like the game. I do know that it’s normal for obstacle courses to be disliked a lot. We want to get your feedback to try and reduce the dislikes. Clock's Difficulty Chart Obby HARD - Roblox

Players are complaining about a wrong hitbox. We are using the normal blocky R6 hitbox which is common for obstacle courses.

We currently have a 2M Visits event active. We create new events regularly and this helps to keep players engaged as they are rewarded with a limited in-experience item.

I’m thinking about creating an advanced in-experience feedback system that will allow us to get more feedback directly from players.

Thanks for reading this post!

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your like/dislike ratio tho ;-;


Hello, this is coming from someone who doesnt really play obbies. I honestly don’t really see anything wrong with it. I liked the design with the effortless stages, not sure why you didn’t continue the decals with the other stages. The 2M event seems kind of bland, but the main game had some original stages which I enjoyed (I played up to the end of Medium). I can see how this game can be addicting. :+1:

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ye so I played the game and till stage 28 I started to understand what they mean by wrong hitbox. at the stage of laser you can die even when you are not touching it. Some other stages like stage 40 and some others can be unnerving and annoying to figure out and to just finish them. A free skip every 10-15 mins would be appreciated by the players as well I suppose. If you feel like it.

so you gotta try and fix this issue. Last comment is to change your Like=pro, dislike=Noob thing in your description, a simple “like if you enjoyed :)” would be better. Personally I would feel hesitant to like the game if I see this in your game description. Obbies tend to have low like dislike ratio as you know…Congrats on the success though. 500 active players 2m+ visits is def. a success in my book, especially for an obby.


I finished this game already!

It is good that you added the limited, it brang me back

EDIT: whenever I join, it says 7Dollar_Bill or Drip has finished Error difficulty

Overall its great

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I know, it is a bit confusing. My system, which sends messages when someone finishes a difficulty does not detect a difference between the data being setup on join or actually beating a checkpoint, so it thinks that you just finished the last difficulty. The last difficulty is called “error”, which might lead to confusion too.

There is nothing wrong about the hitbox. However, many difficulty chart obbies use the stud texture to measure hitboxes, you could consider using studs for a difficulty chart obby.
The scripts are amazing for a difficulty chart obby but I highly recommend you revamp the stages as the gameplay is what is most important for a difficulty chart obby. For effortless should be a tutorial, it introduces everyone how to play and what something is. Despite it being common knowledge for someone who has played roblox obbies a lot.
Something like this

I highly believe that the game lacks good gameplay, ive made and contributed to a few difficulty chart obbies, the gameplay matters the most. It should be creative using a variety of different parts like this

You could also add themes to the obby and decoration to make the game look more appealing like DDCO2

Here are plugins I recommend to improve gameplay:


Build more efficiently as well as a few more features

fill gaps in between edges

Other than that, I don’t think dislike is a big deal, most difficulty chart obbies fall into that range or just a bit higher at 50%. They are obbies made so that many people who can’t beat a stage will dislike and many others don’t see a reason to like. The reason mega easy obbies and escape obbies have higher like ratios is because they are so much easier compared to difficulty chart obbies and easier to finish and get a reward of some sort and the age group is smaller.

Good luck on your difficulty chart obby!