[500 R$] Drag and Drop Part System

About Us

Hi there, I am GabinoRBLX. I build on Roblox, and recently I have taken on a small side project. The game is called “Micro Managing”, where players will have to complete tasks in a laboratory while they slowly get smaller. Players will be able to move around boxes and other parts to help reach higher counters as the shrink.

About The Job

I need someone who could make a script that will allow certain blocks named “Draggable” to be able to be moved similar to in Lumber Tycoon 2. Players will need to be able to pick up the draggables and move them around.


I can pay 500 robux for the service, I am pretty solid and I cannot negotiate very much.

Contact Us

Please contact me on Discord, gwghering#6869.

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

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