(500 ROBUX) [OPEN] Looking for good/advanced scripter


I require attack/ability features for weapons I have created. Such things like pressing E, R, T, Z, X, C, and etc. (you don’t have to do all of them)
And a normal click attack (or click combo attack) [swings, stabs, etc.]
You will not have a deadline. You can take as much time as you need, so there isn’t any struggles with time management.


I will pay 500 :robux: [payment will require me buying your VIP Server since I have the robux on my account, and not a group]

Contact Me

You can DM me on Discord, vvorttexx#5654


If I am not happy with the previous customer, then I will re-open the post, and allow another person to accept. Be creative and do your best! :slight_smile:


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