[500 USD] [HIRING SCRIPTER] Magic-based game

About the Job

Hey there, I am looking for a programmer with 3+ years of experience. You will need to work fast and maintain good communication. You will have to provide past work and show us your ability to make magic, datastores, shops script UI functions, currency system, quests, and things of this nature. We can really dig deep into details if we decide to hire you or if you simply need more information on the job as a whole.

What is the game?

This game is an anime-like RPG game. This game will feature many sets of powers, the goal of the game is to level up, buy armor, and master your magic. There will have to be a leveling system so that players can level up, unlock abilities, and other items. There will be many tools and there will have to be a big and diverse quest system which comes with NPCs, possibly pathfinding, walking, NPCs for some effect. You will have to be able to talk to these NPCs. You will have to know datastores and optimum UI scripting.


My partner and I will be offering USD or Robux. Preferably USD. We are offering up to 500 USD. Beware that 500 is not your final payment, and we will determine what your payment will be once the game is done. $500 is just for maximum satisfactory work.

Got questions about payment? DM me.


You can contact me on discord; Merc#9800
Alternatively, you can contact my partner, Devixlite, on discord, Devixlite#9231

Questions will be answered via DMs.

You must be 13 years or older to apply.


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