(5,000 - 7,000 R$) Animator needed to animate a creature (CLOSED)


Hello everyone! We’re currently looking for an animator to animate a creature/SCP for us.
The creature that we need to be animated is SCP-093.
It would help if you have some knowledge on how SCP-093 works, but it’s not required.


About the task

We’re in need of a walking, idle, and hitting animation.
The mesh creature is already rigged but in Studio only. If you wanna animate it in Blender, you will have to rig it yourself.
Note: It’s a single mesh


Contact to discuss USD payments

We will be paying 5 - 7k robux for this task.

The team:

Owner & Project Manager: @pegstruts
Lead Developer & Main Builder: @BrightParts
Main Scripter: @sixfalls
Side Scripter: @LuffyReformed


You can reach us on the following platforms;
Discord: bright#4444 or Peg#9999
Twitter: @Bright_Parts @BucketV_RBLX
DevForum DM

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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