[50K+] Abhay Studios is hiring Developers!


About Us

We are a game development studio that strives to make amazing games. We focus to make games in the Simulator genre and profit off of it. We are currently looking for Developers to help us with an upcoming Simulator project! I’m putting 50K robux into this game and hopefully even more if we can find an investor so we can guarantee success on our game.

Our Team:
Head Scripter: @Algorxthms (Me)
Junior Scripter @ErikMCM
Builder: @pulsatron5
3D Modeler: @Idiofy3D
UI Designer: @CouldBeYou! (URGENT)


  • At least 13 years of age
  • At least 1 year of experience in your field
  • Some form of past work or a portfolio to show
  • At least 3 hours of availability a week depending on what you are applying for.
  • Must speak English fluently.

Why join us?

We are an accepting Studio that accepts people for who they are, regardless of their Race, Ethnicity, Gender, etc. We hope to continue this accepting and peaceful atmosphere as new developers join us! We will start to give bonuses once the game launches.

Pay Rates

Head Scripter: 20%
Junior Scripter: 10%
Builder: 15%
3D Modeler: 10%
UI Designer: 5%

Contact Us

Interested? Shoot me a DM on Discord or link your portfolio by replying and I will reach out to you!

Discord: Algorxthms#1421

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