[58K R$] REMO Cafe is looking for a builder

I sent a friend request; Really hope too talk:)

Interested. Add me on discord, nash#6610

Interested, added (will#4070).

I have a cafe that belongs solely to me, that I have never used on a project. (I commissioned it and am allowed to resell it). I’ve DM’d you.

Hello! I am interested in the position! Here’s my portfolio! Aleuoria | Experienced Builder | [UPDATED!]

Thanks for reading! :smiley:

I’m Interested! My Discord user is Watermeloooooonnnn#3427 (Quite long)

Hello. I am a very experienced builder looking to fill the position as a builder. I do not know if you did already but I am leaving this reply because the discord you provided in the post does not work.

Please add me Merc#9800

@Yusef444_MegaFan << This job would be good for you eh?

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Thank you bro! Yea this will be a good job for me to do.

Not sure if you found a builder yet.
But I may be your guy check this out and hit me up.

Hi I am interested in your forum post. Please see attached link for my portfolio. Please get in touch if your interested, hope to hear from you soon!

Many Thanks,

Can you show me proof of you having that high anmouts? With a video, of you refreshing it?

I would like to help. My discord is OliwierGamerYT#4637.

I’m highly interested!
Looking forward to talking to you!

It looks like your discord isn’t working.

Hello! I’m not sure if this is against the rules , however I think it’s only right to post this here:
I strongly advise everyone to not work with these individuals! They offered to buy a restaurant map that I had made and to do the transaction with a middle man, but after the file was given they left the groupchat and blocked contact with me! Although I do admit on my part that it was stupid of me to trust a middle man I didn’t know, I was in a rush and didn’t want to waste time finding a different one. But they are still scammers nonetheless.
Them sending me a most likely editted image of funds.

Me foolishly sending the file to the middleman.

Them leaving after I sent the file (I received nothing.)

discords of everyone involved: Twizzy#2866 ,$! summer woah;#0002 , $! pey.#8502

Stay safe everyone! Don’t make the same mistakes I did. :slight_smile:


500 vs 58.000 R is a huge difference. Convert 58K to USD:
58.000 * 0,0035 = 203

That’s a $297 difference.

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Your discord didn’t work, please add me, I am xJxck_yy#7636