[5K] Hiring A MODELLER To Create A Hello Neighbour 3D Model

About Us

Hi there! Me and my friend @SHAHSWAT2307 started an idea of creating good obbys to entertain people and kids! So we will be creating awesome games of trending games and movies!

The Team
@node_modules1 - Scripter, Founder
@SHASHWAT2307 - Builder
@GiveMeABloxy - Investor
@NorthEternal - GFX Artist

About The Job

Right now we require a Good Modeller to create us a model of the ‘Hello Neighbour’ game. He should look as realistic as he looks in game, for our first upcoming Parkour (Obby) game. We preferably require this model by this Friday.

An Image link of him has been provided to you below:


We will be paying R$ 5K depending upon how good the model is. Again Price can even still be negotiable and be increased.

Also remember your name will be in the credits section of our game.

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum or via Discord (Preferable): Node Modules#6998

There was a Topic for Hiring this earlier as well but it is now closed and this is a re-post

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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