[$600] Builder(s) needed

Hey all! I’m looking for a builder (or group of builders) to help me with my latest project. I’m looking for 3 large dragon ball open world maps in total at a price of $200 each provided all criteria is met. Or if you’re interested in a percentage of the game’s earnings, we can negotiate.


  • Preferably a combination of part and smooth terrain with a variation of shaders applied
  • Large map with some icon locations from the anime
  • A few cave like spots in the terrain where teleports to other locations within the universe can be placed
  • Mountains to indicate out of bounds areas
  • Areas that can be considered ‘safe areas’

Not everything has to be created from scratch. I have a few models that can be reused / repurposed for the game.

If you’re interested in this job offer, please contact me via the following:

  • Discord if there’s a chance you share any servers with and are able to message me: Jon#4826
  • Else contact me either through devforums messages or Roblox messages.


How big are the worlds supposed to be? Do you have any dimensions in mind?
Also is there any deadlines?

I’m looking for the maps to be low detail > 8192x8192 size. There wont be any deadlines before mid-February. After that then we’ll probably need to speed up

If these models are owned by me I wish for them not to be used in your next game without my permission, thanks.

Then write a contract if you want something to be enforced :slight_smile:

This way both people go into a situation with the same agreement so there’s no conflict at the end. And if there is, the contract should remedy it.

(And I should mention this as usual, I’m not a lawyer and never take legal advice online, always talk to your own professional etc.)


That’s a good idea. I would be up for it as I am not out of contact with EchoZenkai. I’ll bring it up to him. I do not wish to start conflict so I’m pretty sure we’re on a mutual respect in that matter.

message me

200 seems like a really low starting price…

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