[600 USD] Hiring Scripter

O4 Studios

Upcoming studios already with two accomplished games, looking to scale operations across multiple developments. A branch off from the larger, Vanity Studios, O4 Studios aims to immerse all ages, of all genders, to our military simulators, of all types.

What we’re looking for!

Currently, we’re looking for scripters to help us expand our development efforts across the board. You’ll be tasked with cooperating with a team of competent developers as well as completing assets regarded to you, in a professional fashion. That entails a strict yet flexible deadline, overall product review, code review, and brief meetings with management.

Our Studios


O4 Games

O4 Games is a group on Roblox owned by TheGreatArchimedes with 3258 members. this group houses the only games you’ll ever need to play


Current Projects

The studio is currently working on three, yes, three projects. We work diligently and proficiently on each game, pouring a gurganious amount of thought and effort.

You’d only be tasked with one game at a time

Yes, you’ll be compensated, as with all our developers. We try to open up as many possibilities for our payment options, which include, Robux, USD, and equity.

Project Estimation:
Robux: 150-200k
USD: 600-700$
Equity: 10-30%

You’ll be given the payment details before you’re given a job.

How to contact us?

You can contact us through our Co-owner’s discord

Have any more questions?

Please, any inquiries which you may have, feel free to reach out, whether that be through Devforum or Discord.

Thank you,
Co-Owner and Partner, ScoutProduction


Hey, you need to inform us on what you need us to script. Not just the game names, if you know what I mean.

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That’ll be discussed privately after I find someone professional.

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Hello, I am interested in this job. Seems like a nice offer and I like your positivity, we can talk on discord if you want, excuse my name please, banhele quackishia owo#5740

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I am interested in working with you, I sent you a FR on discord: HokkerZiePocker#2546

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Hello. I am interested in this job. Is it still available?
Thank you.

The job is still available, yes.

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Hey so is this a long-term job? Im interested in it.

Fairly long term, it’s very doable. The project itself can be completed in a week if the scripter is willing.

Intressed My discord is HarryMcFlury#8910

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