[$6,000 USD/Month] - Hiring remote gameplay programmer for Car Crushers 2

The open position has now been filled! Applying is still possible if you want to candidate for new positions later down the line.

The game

Hi there! I am the lead developer behind a game called Car Crushers 2. If you haven’t tried it, this game is all about satisfactory destruction, driving, crazy demolishion scenarios and fun, streamlined progression. You should definitely check it out it if you want to get an idea what this is about! You can also watch the game’s trailer here: Roblox: Car Crushers 2 Trailer - YouTube

With over 4 million monthly active users and a consistent spot among the top 50 earning roblox games for the last 2 years, this game has proven to be worth the expansion and it can support your development career long into the future. Today I am looking for programmer who is willing to join the development team as the game’s second programmer, and to possibly help on future games down the line.

About The Job

The job is a full-time position as a programmer/scripter for Car Crushers 2. You’ll be helping with various programming related work for the game’s upcoming updates, including addition of new features and upgrades to existing functionality. To get an idea of something you might work on, check out the game’s public Trello here: Trello

You will be assigned various tasks based on your availability and best expertise. Planning to match needed delivery targets and providing regular updates on your progress is an important part of the job. You should always ask for help/feedback when you need it, all to ensure we ship the best product possible.

The work will take place remotely and the hours are mostly free to choose, as long as your availability is mostly in sync with daytime of CEST. There won’t be scheduled meetings to pass. Assignments, time recording and task organization will largely be done with Clickup and we use Discord for communication.

Since the job is full time, you need to be able to put in regular hours of roughly 40 hours per week. It is possible to start off with a different schedule if you happen to have active classes or anything else preventing that right now. As long as full-time is possible at some point in the near future.

Who I’m looking for

I’m looking for someone who shares my passion for game development and who is genuinely interested to make great work for players to experience. You have to be a skilled at what you do and there’s several development traits that are of extra importance for Car Crushers 2.

Needed Traits

  • Sufficient experience with constraints and dynamic assemblies (Such as making player-controlled mechanisms for a vehicle)
  • Ability to work well with CFrames and geometry
  • Ability to work with player characters, such as setting up player tools or working with ragdolling
  • Knowledge around the roblox engine and your code’s interplay with performance
  • General knowledge around exploits and how to code preventively
  • Ability to create sleek UI animations and other front-end programming

Bonus traits:

(Traits that aren’t necessarily expected to be had, but which can be very helpful)

  • Ability to make detailed special effects
  • Ability to create HttpService implementations with external APIs
  • Ability to build scalable high quality UI in the game’s style
  • Ability to create good quality animations
  • Experience in other fields that relate to game development

The game also has an existing codebase built throughout 3+ years, which you’ll need to familiarize yourself with over time. So it’s important that you’re willing and able to work with existing code.


The payment will amount to $6,000 USD per month at full availability, and can go even higher with an impressive portfolio. You need to be eligible for DevEx as payment is currently done with robux. We’ll sign an agreement specifying the exact payment terms and more. You will also recieve an extra $35 an hour if you end up working more than planned.

Why Car Crushers 2?

Aside from the opportunity to support yourself via roblox development, these are some of the best reasons to help with this game:

  • Car Crushers 2 has a dedicated playerbase that loves the kind of gameplay the game provides. You’ll develop for a community that really appreciates what you do.

  • You’ll get recognition for your work. I want to make sure developers get the credit they deserve and you won’t have your talent absorbed behind the scenes.

  • The ability to work on unusual and interesting gameplay features for a job. Personally I find some of the work that Car Crushers 2 requires very enjoyable and I think you will too.

  • Always be informed on what to do next and have an objective at hand. I always try to write detailed descriptions of what needs to be done and what you need to know about the existing code to accomplish it.

Important information

  • I live in Sweden, so your time zone can’t be too far from CEST. If you live in Europe or east America it’ll work mostly fine. Otherwise you could have to work at extra early/late times.
  • You must be 18+ to apply

How to apply

If you’re interested, please fill this form! https://forms.gle/CubmWJwPtEZYL8398

Ensure you include examples of all the requested traits in your portfolio, as well as extra skills that are useful for the position. There is also the possibility to attach a CV if it adds to your application.

If you’re accepted I will reach out to you on the DevForums via the username you submitted, otherwise just keep an eye on this thread. More positions will be available in the future so if you don’t get accepted now, I will let you know in case you could be up for those.

If you have any questions related to the job then just reply below or send me a DM. Thanks for your interest and good luck! :slight_smile:


Hi am a 3d modeller, Am not sure if you are in need of one but am here to kind of apply blindly knowing if you need one. I have been modelling for 2 years now, I can make low poly to mid poly cars with ease which is easy to program. I have worked and commissioned for front page games, which my assets are been used. I am very very interested in developing Roblox games, You can message me via dev forum there i will show you my past work and portfolio.

Hey, thanks for posting such an awesome opportunity. When do you expect the applications to close and for you to get in contact with applicants? Or is it based on the first good application you come across?

Also thank you for providing a service of satisfactory destruction - who knew destroying stuff could be so fun.

Hey, thanks for applying! I haven’t set an exact date but selections won’t be made any earlier than October 2nd, I want to leave it open long enough for everyone who’s interested in this to get a chance. It’ll also stay open afterwards pretty much indefinitely for any who miss the first round now.


Best of luck to all who apply! It’s definitely going to be a game changer to have another scripter on board!

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I’d certainly recommend this position to any scripter looking for a job. Good luck to all those who apply!

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I noticed there’s a demand for starting off with this part-time in order to finish active studies. This should be okay as long as you’re willing to commit the full time afterwards, I’ve updated the thread to better reflect that.

If that’s your case, just be sure to mention it in your application! Include how much time you have now and when the classes/program will end.


Sent you a DM, hope to hear back!

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will you notify the ones that did apply if they failed as well, or will they only be contacted if they are considered?

I’ll reach out to those who are considered. But I will of course mention in this thread when those selections have been made so you can know if you got in or not.


Hello friend, I am interested in the job. I have a car system that can help you, contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

Last chance to apply this weekend! Will start fully reviewing submissions soon after and update here.

If you’ve got what it takes, don’t miss this chance to have roblox development as a job for years ahead!


I’m excited to see the outcome of this!


Well good luck to everyone applying! Sadly I can’t since I’m only 13, and would need someone to teach me the more advanced programming.:frowning:
Congrats to whoever gets there job! :grin:

Man I wish I could apply but I’m not 18 D:

Just applied! Sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

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Thanks to everyone who applied! With multiple skilled programmers this ended up coming down to the person with the best game examples of the needed development traits. I’ve also reached out to others who are considered for future positions.

The form to submit or edit responses will stay open indefinitely unless a new thread is made later on. In that case I’ll be posting about it on my twitter @Panwells.


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