[65K MEMBERS] Hiring Builder

Hi there! :heart:
Thanks for checking out our post. We’re Jamie’s Restaurant Franchise – the most successful French cuisine restaurant on the Roblox platform with an outstanding total of 65,000 group members and 2,000,000 game visits. We’re currently in a phase of re-branding our group, trying to expand beyond the whole concept of being a ‘mainstream’ Roblox restaurant and have extensive plans to propose an entirely new, unique business concept to the industry which we hope will attract thousands of new players.

We’re looking for a builder who is highly skilled, experienced and reliable to join us on this revolutionary mission. We’re looking for someone to construct a truly authentic, elegant French restaurant in their preferred style – using their creativity and imagination. We’re open to styles i.e low-poly, high-poly, etc. We have made sketches and various blueprints and hope you can make our visions become reality!

Preferably, we would like a medium detailed restaurant – quite large but nothing too blocky, square or big. So if you’re right person who would like to adapt your style to our newest build (as previously stated, we’re open to working with all styles however preferably a more medium detailed style) then please reach out to me! All relevant information is below. Thank you!

We are offering up to R$75,000 for this commission depending on your experience, pace and reliability.

Contact me on Discord (cey#0001) for further information. I can provide examples of what we like, sketches, blueprints, etc and am also open to negotiate payment and deadline.

Group link: Paradi - Roblox


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