[75K+] Hiring Scripter to Create Vehicles


About Me

Hello! My name is CreepySins, Creepy for short. I am the owner of a 30k member SCP Foundation on the roblox platform. I strive to ensure that my community is given top-line development work to ensure they can enjoy their player experience as that is the top priority.

The Team

About the Job

This job is quite long, and has a lot of details, so bare with me.

Upon accepting this job, you will be required to create:

  • Car system with stunning suspension system that can work properly without (hopefully) breaking roblox physics, and not be completely buggy/unusable.

  • Create an interaction key to enter the car (UI provided).

  • Rig all roughly 6 cars, and ensure they function correctly.

Note: Some cars require more than one person to be able to sit inside of them at a time.


Payment for this project will be 75,000 robux. Payment is always negotiable.


Feel free to DM me.
If you would like to contact on discord, please PM me your tag on here.



Fixed. I was clicking a little to fast, heh.

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I’d help you, but i’m not really the best when it comes to any vehicle related tasks. Also make sure you look in to people you hire and that they aren’t just providing you with a fm chassis as a base to go off of because if you’re paying this much then you obviously want a full product delivered.



Yea, I’ve been trying to do that, but it seems no one wants to take the task.

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