80's retrowave inspired game

Made all of this for one of my games “Vibe Club”. Been adding and tinkering it for a few months. Let me know what you think!

If you’re interested in exploring it for yourself, you can play it here.


This looks really nice, you really nailed that retrowave vibe. You deserve more likes on that game. I also like the builds, they look really cool. 10/10


I actually like this, my suggestion is to make use of wedges/ GapFill(if you can because it may cause the movement of certain details) to make the place less squarish. The lighting is really great!
I also would like some improvements in last room.


I LOVE this. If you need any music for it, I would love to feature some of the lo-fi things I’ve made. Vaporwave is such a neat aesthetic. This inspires me to try my hand at a retro style! Love this, man.

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Yes! I’m always looking for new music! DM me!

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I’ve been avoiding wedges as much as possible. They create way too much lag if used in abundance (in this case I’d have to). And yes the attic needs some work. Thanks for the suggestions!

im very big fan of those colors,so im giving 10/10

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