A ban script I made a while ago

Welcome individual developers! I’ve been programming on ROBLOX for some time now and I truly need to know whether I am tolerable at this or not.
I made a ban script some time back, utilizing DataStore and MessagingService.
The server script comprises accepting an occasion from the client, ensuring they are genuine or not to utilize it, at that point update a list that it got in its beginning up utilizing the DataStore, then send the list to the servers. The collector, (server), will get it, update it thus put it in the data.
Here’s the game uncopy-locked on the off chance that anyone is keen on the code.

I might want to know whether I worked superbly forestalling aliens to manhandle this or not!
Good wishes!
(The server script is in SSS, the client is in the StarterGUI.)



Although, I think this would be a better fit for the Community Resources topic.