A car I made isn't functioning correctly

>>>>| Introduction |>>>>

Hello! Im trying to make a roblox car, I was succsesful but I was still a poggress bar off

>>>>| The Problem |>>>>

When I tested out the car everything was working until I tried turning left and wasn’t working and I could only go up and down also, nothing came in the output which makes it much stressful for me to figure out what’s wrong.

>>>>| Information |>>>>

The roblox article I made a car from: Building a Basic Car (roblox.com)

The Basplate I made the car on, heres a download link: StarJ3M_CAR.rblx.rbxl (154.5 KB)

Sorry, ran out of time to check the model on your baseplate, but I’d double-check the script that senses the steering input.
Either that or the Constraint you’ve got for steering doesn’t have enough Torque or AngularVelocity in the Servo section to handle the steering input.
I’ll have a look in a few hours when I get home from work.

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So, you put WeldConstraints on the front WheelMounts, and you put HingeConstraints on the back WheelMounts. The video said to put only welds on the rears and hinges on the fronts.

Just delete the front welds and the rear HingeConstraints & Attachments, your car should work fine.

I also moved the front HingeConstraints out 1.5 studs so they pivot more realistically than the wide swings the hinges you have do.

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Question, Since I figured out also Instead of doing It that way I can also just builds walls on the car and then for some mathematical reason it starts working, idk why but you think I should keep it like that?

I’d say make it right the first time so you don’t have issues later with it.

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