A-Chasis Car Model Not Moving

A few days ago, I made an F1 Renault livery by adjusting my F1 car template using some decals and parts to recreate the F1 team. However, when I tested it, the car is weirdly slow. I’ve checked the tuning scripts of the car (I used the A-Chasis car kit) and they are exactly the same. There is a video I recorded where it’s more easily explained.

(The video file was big so I had to put it in a drive folder)

Thank you for your time!


Have you tried seeing if anything is anchored or colliding weirdly? Did you use welds for the parts too?

In the kit, there is an automatic welder I think that joins all parts thats inside the model. Everything in the model is anchored, but so is the car that was working in the video.

The problem might be with the welds then. Double check if the parts you’ve added are being welded by the script then.

If not, you can either add in the code to do that, or you can do it in-studio.

I’ll check it out. Thank you! (30 char)