A-Chassis | Same exact chassis and settings, different car bodies

Hey, thanks for checking this out, I’ll keep it short.

Basically, I have two cars. The chassis on both cars is the exact same, same wheels, positioning, and even has the same invisible hitbox around it to balance it as best we can. The only different is the car body (model), which has Massless enabled and CanCollide disabled, however, car number 2 is faster than car number 1.

I need both cars to work, run and be the same physically, only with different car bodies. I’ve tried several ways (I’ve forgotten most things I’ve tried) and nothing has worked.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know, I’ll pay up to R$1000 for a working solution.
You can contact me here, or on discord: lukemango#5552 - If needed, I can provide a copy of the vehicles for you to try it for yourself on discord (It’s not really that noticable, but in a racing environment, it’s still an unfair advantage)


What chassis was used, if I can ask?

AC6.52S2 does NOT support Massless parts - massless parts were added after that, and for some reason it increases a parts’ mass to 100,000 or more while internal Roblox calculations dismiss it to make it massless.

Use this one instead and see if that helps.


Giving that a try, will let you know of the outcome

How do I go ahead and disable the handbrake being enabled from the start?

Nevermind, got it!


How did you do that?
My A-Chassis always sets it gear to “N” when a player enters the car instead of “1”.