A-Chassis Vehicle Mobile Support

So we don’t flood the replies on this, could we please take it to Discord? My question I have next you, what version of A-Chassis are you using? If it is old, consider upgrading! Saves us both time!

I’m also having the same issue with the car not going when I press the gas, I have the old auto shift on and auto start enabled. Would you mind it if I dm’ed you

Nevermind , I fixed it by changing the Gbrake and Gthrottle instances to IBrake and IThrottle, I’m not sure if that’s the most efficient way to do it but that’s what fixed it for me.

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It is not the most efficient way, yet if it works it works! Thank you for reaching out, and your fix has been noted!!

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This one is Outdated you, may use the new version and Adjust GUi


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Please do not tell me that I have an outdated version, the code is tweaked. My version works and always will work. Shifting is coming soon, maybe my own directional system too??

NVM I thought it’s a Chassis, but I would recommand to use new version of the Chassis