A Concerned Old New Member


Hello, I’m VeryRBLX. I applied to join the DevForums back in July-August 2017, getting accepted in December of 2017. Since then, I’ve been through the numerous amounts of different programs, different titles (even though they might have the same function), and more.

Last April, I was invited to RDC as a New Member in Wave 2. I was honestly surprised I even got one and thought only Members got invites. I went to RDC in 2018. It was a great experience that I would totally love to have again.

As time progressed to now, there have been more changes to the DevForums. The removal of an application to join DevForums led to a boom in New Members joining the Forums. This is where my concern arises.

I’m still a New Member. And don’t take this as a way of complaining about being a New Member. I know what I have to do to change that, and I haven’t been doing that enough. My concern is that with the large amounts of New Members who have joined the DevForums without applying, how will invites be distributed evenly? I’ve heard multiple things about the invitation process, both either raising my hopes or bringing them down. Regardless, I won’t know the result until the end.

What about those who applied to join the DevForum that are still New Members for any given reason? Will they receive invites? How will they be distinguished in a crowd of newer members?

I’m just concerned. I’m not trying to downgrade or put down those who recently joined DevForums, nor am I complaining about receiving an invite. I’m just a concerned old New Member.


I am also still a new member, even though I made it in through manual approval. I believe that at this point, the biggest hope we have is our success outside of the forum, such as using the exchange, getting featured, having a large social media presence, etc.

These are all things I have and have done, so if I do get invited, than this is true.


That’s what I’m starting to believe. At this point, it’s going to be very hard to show yourself outside of the crowd without some sort of way externally. I completely agree.


Little side note, no one has been ranked to ‘Member’ (besides staff) in around five months now.

Edit: Apparently besides three fellas who were added three days ago.



From what I’ve heard from Top Contributors, you basically have to show them that you’re helpful and are able to contribute positively within DevForums, I’m sure you’ve heard that a few times. The problem is, with such a crowded field, how will they point out those who have been doing such things for a long time? It’s hard to get ranked up, but that’s how it has to be.


If seniority of membership on the DevForums had any relevance, then there would be far more members right now. That isn’t the case. Don’t worry, they know - just actively contribute, be resourceful and helpful in and around the forums. Just keep at it; someone will notice.

I would suggest you forward any concerns about the member program to an existing thread in the Inception category or look around for some resources on moving up. We should get back on track regarding new members and RDC invites, otherwise.

@Kullaske Those aren’t random.


I understand that. I know what I have to do to get promoted, it’s a matter of notice. I’m trying to contribute more often than I usually do. I’m not going to give up on waiting just yet, but I’m just genuinely concerned. I just want to go to RDC again.


No. @Tor_Laws got promoted not long ago.

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“Apparently besides three lucky fellas who were randomly added three days ago.”

That’s who I was referring to. Look at the link


As someone who was once where you were, be it for only 6 months, I would recommend checking my guide on reaching that level to see if you believe you qualify and then following up with Top Contributors to gain their nomination for the rank.

I would personally reach out to your friends that are TC or LTC with your portfolio and explain why you believe you are ready to be in the running for it.


In regards to invitations, don’t sweat it. Barely anyone has gotten them. Not even @Mah_Bucket has gotten one

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I think I do follow along with most, if not, all of the guidelines stated, however I believe that I’m not being seen by a Top Contributor. I think the hardest part will be approaching them and stating that you believe you deserve a promotion. I’ll try to bring it up.


You have the wrong mental attitude. You need to put yourself in front of them to show them that you’re ready. If you want, I can even help you write it.

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You’re right about that. I think I can write it myself and get a few recommendations but I think I’m fine, thanks for your help. I’ll get back to you when I need it.

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There are 2 things wrong with this sentence.

  1. Four not three
  2. Not lucky but actually contributing to the Forum…

Silly me for not double checking the number! I’m such a silly billy haha!!! My mistake totally negates the fact that Roblox ignored people who contributed to the forum for months! It’s not like the number of people promoted in nearly six months is very absurd or anything considering the fact that the devforum is more active than ever.


Gonna have to stop you there. These people weren’t ‘lucky’ as you state. They obviously did something to garner the attention of a Top Contributor+ to get promoted. It’s one thing to complain about the state of the Forums, it’s another thing to downgrade others who were on the other side of an action you didn’t agree with.

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I am in no way degrading/downgrading the accomplishments of those few who have been promoted. I used the word ‘lucky’ as in the first few who have been noticed in a while meaning they must have done something pretty remarkable lol.


Same here brother. I’ve been around for a while now but only joined the forums back in 2017. Over that time I’ve been involved in multiple programs (featured, localization, etc), written various articles, submitted feature/bug reports and helped out in many of the support categories.

I did recently reach out to the Top_contributors to ask about this. They mentioned they were holding off promotions until ‘a more concrete New Member to Member procedure’ was in place. There have been exceptions to this, such as @Krunnie and @Tor_Laws, who I can vouch are huge contributors to the forum as I use it a lot myself, however for the most part virtually no one’s being promoted.

Overall I wouldn’t take it too personally - there are plenty of others like you and me in the same boat. For now we’ll just keep drifting along and hope we’ll find out more soon. :happy3:


I’m also quite concerned, though I haven’t attended any previous RDC. I’m also a New Member, and my stats seem alright to me. Anyone have any tips which might increase my chance of getting invited in Wave 3?

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