A current game I've been working on

I am currently working on my game called “Ebonkin”, a fighting game that is basically on Stress Test.
I’m updating the game frequently and looking at your opinions about the game so far. :}
Game link

Here’s the video of me testing buying armor and weapons, then just straight shoot a few people just to show how they work.

(Reminder, some stuff will change or be removed later on.)



I tested you’r game and it’s really cool.
I really like the fighting system, the only problem, the animations are really simple.
Also the map are too flat and the UI are cool but you can probably try to do better.

Anyway good work!

If you recruit someone for make thumbnail, logo, and UI you can also contact me, we can talk about that. My Discord : Manda#9819

Have a good day! Hope you’r game will continue to improve!

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Oh sure about the UI, I’ll contact you for now.
Animations are simple on purpose until I’m starting getting more to work on like skills. o_o

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I like the rogue lineage style you chose; One thing I would change is how fists are a tool - personally I think you should make it just click to punch.

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I am not sure how to do it personally o_o, I like it as a tool and that’s how I want. Here’s a bunch of stuff going to be added to the game soon when I’m tryharding on coding! :}

I have to fix datastore and add more valuables to pick up, especially weapons to pick up which is easy!!!
I am currently coding myself and asking help from friends who know code like “How to fix a print() while attacking” and such. I have contributors helping me out while I’m coding and doing cool animations.