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Lore & Roleplay Information:

This section is dedicated to the current events and affairs on the Grid itself. As the group continues to expand and the story line becomes deeper and more complicated this forum will expand. Although we are large fans of Disney’s TRON we are simply a parody and as such our lore may digress from the main lore within the actual films. We do however try to ensure our lore matches up with the end lore.

When are we based?
We are based around the time of TRON: Uprising, which is before TRON: Legacy the more renowned film. The ISO’s, Users and Bostrumites are under attack from the Regime and Abraxus is spreading amongst the outlands.

How do I get involved?
As we are trying to expand past groups and into a fully functioning game which the general populous can play we are developing so that anyone can participate in the group and have fun. If you wish to be more influential in events or wish to participate in organised movements such as the Resistance or the Regime you must join the relevant groups.

Who may I role play as?
For role play purposes you may not act as the high command of any organisation within the Grid without express permission - this is to avoid people ruining the experience which us as the developers dedicate to provide. Certain groups such as the Regime and Resistance have a group rank hierarchy - as such you may only act as a Supporter in these if you do not join.

Role playing in the Genre

This section underlies the diversity on the grid and what you can expect to become in your encounter and what you must do in order to become a part of certain organisations.

What happens if someone role plays as something they shouldn’t?
You will not be kicked, banned or warned for role playing as something you shouldn’t - we allow people to mimic programs as a form of deception however you can be arrested through the system for doing this and as such it is at your own risk if you do choose to pretend to be a program you shouldn’t.

Sentry Programs withhold the right to arrest and detain individuals for allotted times, by acting as certain individuals (retaining your armour from previously joining a group for example) your stay may be prolonged until a higher officer attends in order to “reprogram” you. Any armor costing robux or valued in real currency will be retained in this process - you may however lose health buffs and damage modifiers if you paid for these using robux.

Allowed Programs:

  • Program - This is the default for any player.

Unlockable Programs:

  • Arjian - Philosophical programs founded upon literal teachings of the Grid’s creator.
  • Bostrumite - Disenfranchised ISO’s seeking asylum, the Bostrumites self modify in order to live in the harsh landscapes outside of the Grid in the outlands.
  • Data Pushers - Senseless Programs who don’t do much for society, they live humble lives.
  • Monk Program - A form of data pusher who has dedicated to a Grid’s “religion”, they are known to be rather wise despite being rather senseless.
  • Resource Hog - These are programs which are obsessed with consuming resources to satisfy their appetite.
  • Stray - Programs without discs, you can become a stray if you lose your disc.
  • System Utility - Programs who have an engineering background and help perform repairs and build new sections of the grid.
  • Hacker Program - Hacker programs are known for breaking into areas and controlling the systems.

Group Programs:

  • Military Programs: Resistance & Regime - group only to be ranked higher then Supporter.
  • Sentry Programs: Regime - group only to be ranked higher then Supporter.
  • Blackguards: Regime - group only.
  • Game Bot - group only, Programs who are registered in events are classed as Game Bots.

Unique Programs:

Must find Abraxas:

  • Infected - Programs who are infected by the Abraxas virus, they are enemies of all non infected.
  • Virus - Programs who are infected by the Abraxas virus and have mutated slightly.

Permission required from developers:

  • Users - group only, permission required.
  • Basic’s - group only, permission required.
  • ISO’s - group only and permission required unless you are a Bostrumite.
  • Sirens - permission required, ceremonial programs.
  • Tower Guardian - permission required, programs who guard and control input/output towers.

Permission required from game leadership:

  • System Monitor - permission required; restricted.
  • System Architect - permission required; restricted.
  • Grid Procedure - permission required; restricted.
  • Named Characters - you will be contacted if your selected.

Disallowed Programs:

  • Corruptor Troops & Corruptor - disallowed.
  • Infected File - disallowed.
  • Bit & NAVI Bit - disallowed, NPC / AI within the game itself.

Punishments and Imprisonment:

Depending on the scale of your actions you can expect different punishments when caught.

Exploiters, Hackers & Roblox’s Community Rule Breakers:

Players who hack, exploit or violate one of Roblox’s rules are sent far out in to the sea of simulations - our staff are warned of players who have been sent here and it is sadly the end of the line for your time on the game. For this you may have some sad music whilst you float on your broken ship and reflect on what you have done for eternity - perhaps you will be forgiven and found. We report all individuals who do break the community rules to the proper establishments for them to take over.

You may appeal in our discord server or through the link provided.

Ingame Rule Breakers - Caught & Arrested:

You’ve been arrested, that sucks kind of?

Upon being arrested it will be specified dependent on your crime whether you are to be held “at the regime’s pleasure” or as a standard prisoner. During this time before you will be placed in line for sentencing - this is either an automated process or performed by a competent individual. Your punishment will be decided here.

At the Regime’s Pleasure:

Prisoners held at the regime’s pleasure are usually awaiting an action to be performed against them, are being held for a specific time or have been arrested by the high command themselves. You may be held here if you are to be reprogrammed - your stay will be made as comfortable as possible and you will be allowed to roam openly within the prison itself in the designated wings, this is because your time is not confirmed and as such we will allow you to progress yourself whilst you are within the prison rules. Providing you have not attempted to escape you may also request other things from on duty Sentries such as walkabout.

Prisoners are categorized into three main categories and a fourth for those who are permanently being held.

Category 1 - Green Zone
Prisoners who can roam freely and are allowed to access the specialized facilities.

Category 2 - Restricted Zone
Prisoners who are escorted around the specialized facilities and held in restricted areas.

Category 3 - Light Containment Zone
Prisoners who are only allowed within there cells and allowed to leave at automated times. Armored escorts accompany any prisoner who is being moved from this area and they cannot enter the specialized facilities.

Category 4 - Heavy Containment Zone
Prisoners who are being held permanently until pardoned by an individual higher then the person who sentenced them. This section of the prison is protected by automated turrets and minimal system controlled movements are allowed for these prisoners. A strict time frame is kept within this area and only high ranking officials are permitted to step foot within the zone itself - those outside in the allotted times are automatically dealt with. Sentries are not even allowed in this area.

Standard Prisoners:

Standard Prisoners are those who have been sentenced to minor time and as such have a minor punishment. Standard Prisoners can expect one of three punishments:

You may be fined by the system for your actions if you can afford the fine.

Suspended Sentence:
You may be freed however if you commit another crime and get caught you will be sent to prison for an alotted time.

The Games:
You have been selected to fight in the games in order to secure your freedom. You may get rewarded if you win your round - you may face a real player or a NPC dependent on how many people are arrested at the same time.

Current Events:

  • Lightcycle Arena
  • Arena Battles

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